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Welcome to the IES Travel Blog.

This is where our international work force posts updates and images from their overseas assignments, allowing you to sample life on the road.

At IES our work spans several continents, so to give you an insight into the activities of our people as they rack up the air and road miles, we have launched this blog as a platform for them to send you their scoops from the front line.

You can expect despatches featuring the food, tradition and landmarks which our teams come across while on foreign soil, as well as snapshots of the sometimes complex projects which we undertake on behalf of our clients in locations around the world. So get to know the amazing individuals who we send to all four corners of the globe, and join the journey on the IES Travel Blog!

  • A musical interlude

    21st February 2018
    wide image

    It's amazing who you can bump into whilst travelling on IES jobs...
    James makes a new friend whilst travelling back from working at Intel Albuquerque. And Jools finds a new backing singer! 

  • Brian's Swedish Home

    12th February 2018
    wide image

    The Welcome Inn in Barkarby, Sweden, is a very fimiliar sight for Brian. Whilst providing FSE support to Silex Microsystems in 2017, Brian stayed at the Welcome Inn for over 200 nights! 

  • A brief trip to Barcelona

    2nd February 2018
    wide image

    Meetings followed by more meetings. It has been a busy couple of days for Tim and Shelley whilst in Barcelona!
    Unfortunately there was no time to enjoy the boundless culture and fabled architecture of Barcelona - there's always next time!



  • Cheers! | Dundee, Oregon

    22nd January 2018
    wide image

    James managed to squeeze in a spot of wine tasting whilst visiting Portland on a job. The producer is called Antica Terra and they produce a very special Rosa from the Pino Noir grape, the wine is called Angelicall. Simply delicious and well worth a visit if you're in the area.

  • Shipping Kits

    8th January 2018
    wide image

    Varian VIISTA shipping kit in production

  • Trip to Baghdad

    21st December 2017
    wide image

    Peter had the opportunity to explore Baghdad whilst on a Digital Press Install. What a place - great views and interesting experiences! 

  • The Tsuzumi Gate | Ishikawa, Japan

    20th November 2017
    wide image

    Now that is an entrance! Here's Gary stood at the foot of The Tsuzumi ("drum") Gate at JR Kanazawa Station. Exploring Ishikawa on a rare day off.

    Did you know? This 13.7m high gate is supported by two thick pillars and is designed to evoke the image of the Tsuzumi - drums played by hand in Noh Theatre and Kaga Hosho performances.

    The architects chose this drum-inspired construction to greet visitors with a structure themed around the city’s beloved Noh performances which is a Japanese performing art which dates back to the 14th century.

  • SEMICON Europa | Munich

    14th November 2017
    wide image

    Enjoying a well-earned team dinner after a busy day exhibiting at SEMICON Europa.

  • From China with love

    24th October 2017
    wide image

    On a project in China, our engineers came across this claw machine with packs of cigarettes instead of soft toys and some unusual local delights at a supermarket - Donkey Jerkey and Chicken feet, plain or in Soy Sauce.

  • North-bound in the fast lane!

    6th October 2017
    wide image

    It was Steve's turn to take the company Porsche for a spin... for a weekend away in Stratford-upon-Avon!  


  • CE Marking | Italy

    22nd September 2017
    wide image

    Some impressive sights in Italy, en route to a CE Marking job. Martin stops to take in the view at the foot of Mont Blanc.

  • Sales Visit Day | Cheshire

    14th September 2017
    wide image

    It's amazing what you see on your travels - I am now on a donut diet to avoid abduction! Chris M

  • Digital Press Install | Tokyo, Japan

    5th September 2017
    wide image

    Here's Dave K taking in the colours, sights and sounds of Toyko! 

  • Export Packing | Yate, UK

    23rd August 2017
    wide image

    A typical day for our export packing team on the road - by Steve H. 

  • Digital Press Install | Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

    14th August 2017
    wide image

    It was a troublesome journey to site for Pete. A broken rental car in Chicago led to delays getting to Green Bay. However, whilst waiting for the tow truck, Pete spotted his next rental car - a '67 Ford Mustang!

  • Keeping it local | Bristol

    11th August 2017
    wide image

    There have already been some 'ballooning marvellous' sights at this year's Bristol International Balloon Fiesta!

    The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons, attracting over 130 Hot Air Balloons from across the globe. The Fiesta truly is a sight that cannot be missed! 


  • IES Company Car | 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

    5th August 2017
    wide image

    One of the perks of working at IES is that you get to drive this beauty – a 1984 Porsche Carrera. Amit drove his family in style to enjoy a weekend in London.

  • Production Line Relocation | Oberfranken, Germany

    4th August 2017
    wide image

    Beautiful Staffelberg. Kevan walked a whooping 42k steps and climbed 102 stairs climbed on his day off! But the views were worth it...

    Recommendation: If you are in Michelau in Oberfranken and looking for somewhere nice to eat, we recommend Karolinenhöhe nestled in the beautiful Franconian landscape.


  • Large Press Install | Manila, Philippines

    3rd July 2017
    wide image

    On the other side of the world, Ian experienced some local delights in the Philippines... including a Sizzling Sisig! This is a local dish made up from a pigs face, including ear, jowl, snout and tongue. It’s delicious by all accounts!

    Did you know? San Agustin Church is a Roman Catholic church located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila. It is also a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and one of the National Historical Landmark of Philippines. It is famous for its magnificent architecture, a 16th-century crucifix, the choir seats carved in molave with ivory inlays of the 17th century and the set of 16 huge and beautiful chandeliers from Paris.


  • Digital Press Install | Possneck, Germany

    29th June 2017
    wide image

    Whilst working in Germany, Simon enjoyed a tasty Bratwurst and made a new German friend!

    RecommendationThe Rosengrauerei Pößneck. This well-known local brewery has been running since 1866 by members of the Wagner family. They pride themselves in keeping a part of the highly esteemed Thuringian bridal tradition. 

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